Friday, August 1, 2008

registering for gifts

we registered for gifts about 6 weeks ago. i was so excited.. i couldn't wait to get one of those big ugly scanners and just shoot our first stop was williams-sonoma. they have a bride & groom sunday thing...they open early for registering couples...feed you wonderful brunch, fresh squeezed orange juice, and coffee. it was heaven. they also let you try out products such as the knives, the espresso makers, and the juicers. i loved every minute of it. and i got to sign up for this: (oh my heart be still...)

it doesn't end there..they also offer free cooking classes for the bride and groom throughout the year. you can also return on any of the special sunday's for more brunch and to update your registry, although the online management tool is so easy. ahhh. w-s i think i love you.

our next stop was macys. i'm not super excited about it because i really wasn't crazy about the whole experience. it all seems somewhat cheap...especially after the w-s experience. although, they did give me a nice swiss army tote. we chose macy's because it is an actual, familiar store to the older generation of our hometown. we really felt that we wanted our guests to feel comfortable about where they purchased their gifts. so we signed up for towels, bedsheets, and silverware. the one thing that really bothered me about macy's was that their bonus point system was kind of a have to sign up for a credit card in order to get the extra discounts after your wedding date. the last thing we need to start out our lives together is a brand new credit card. although...i am really excited about this:

so after reading several wonderful wedding blogs, i heard about this is how it works...any product you find online you can register for thru wishpot and the service is free and it's easy. i'm addicted already. not only have i created a wedding registry, i can create a wishlist for birthdays, christmas, etc. just check it out. it's great. i got to sign up for some beautiful things..


Heather from the bar said...

we registered at crate and barrel, they do the same sunday brunch thing, i was in heaven! We are registered at macy's too, but I did all of it only for that one. That store is just too big to walk around in! I don't want to sound... well.. however this may sound, but I can't wait until the gifts start rolling in! Especially the mixer! ALthough I had to convince my FI that I would start baking in order to justify having someone buy it for us ;)

Lucinda said...

Hi there, congrats on your engagement!! We are trying to figure out where to register and Wishpot sounds like a dream come true! However, I have read quite a few negative comments online regarding it, mainly that it is difficult to keep it updated with what items have been purchased off of the Wishpot list so far. How has your experience been using it?!?

{amy lynn} said...

Hi Lucinda...

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with wishpot. if you, or someone else has purchased the item, but not thru wishpot, you can go in and mark the item as purchased..or even delete it. I've already received one of my gifts and am so thankful for wishpot, otherwise I would have never been able to register for it! it's also a great resource for me to keep up with things i want to use for my wedding like hair accessories and jewelry that i would otherwise forget about. seriously...take a look at mine, if you'd like. my username is amylynnfrank77.

good luck!