Thursday, September 4, 2008

{diy} envelope liners

i am so excited to share my experience with my diy envelope liners! at first i was unsure that they would ever turn out as pretty as i wanted them to. but lo and behold...they are even more beautiful than i had expected!

materials needed:

1. 100 envelopes + 1 for making a template (shown: paper source in curry)
2. 20 sheets of fabulous paper (shown: found in store, size 12 x 12)
3. Utility blade (i had one in my toolbox, but you can get one here
4. scotch wrinkle free glue stick
5. an old magazine or thick catalog for cutting on
6. a pencil for tracing

first, you will need to make a template. you can buy the templates at paper source for about $10. but..i am a thrifty girl. by not using the pre-made templates, i saved myself 10 bucks & was able to get 5 liners from 1 sheet as opposed to 3 maybe 4 from 1 sheet...

using the utility blade, cut the envelope horizontially just below the visible portion. then you will cut around the flap, just underneath the sticky part:

now you are ready to trace your first sheet. turn the paper over and trace your template on to the paper with your pencil. i was able to fit 5 on one sheet by placing 2 side by side, 1 on each remaining corner, and one in the middle.

using your utility blade, cut each liner by tracing the lines. don't worry, it won't be perfect! that's what gives it it's homemade charm. be sure to remember to cut on the old magazine or catalog so you don't ruin your lovely table.

next, fit a liner into an envelope and fold over when it is where you want it. using your wrinkle free glue stick, get glue happy with the top portion of the liner and press back on the flap firmly. let your envelope dry before you fold it over again.

and voila! beautiful and thrifty envelopes for your soon to be homemade save the dates! (or invitations) ..coming soon...

envelopes: $3.50 for pack of 10 (x 10) = $35
paper: .95 a sheet (x 20) = $19
glue stick: ~$3.00
old catalog: FREE
utility blade: FREE
total cost: ~$55

3 days at 3 hours a night. not too bad, and i did this while watching mad men, project runway, and drinking a glass of wine. :)

please let me know if you have any questions concerning your own envelope liners. happy diy!!


Anonymous said...

Is that a Design Within Reach catalog you are using as your cutting board? No wonder these envelopes are so amazing that place rocks!!!

aletha :: pearls events said...

These look great. Oh, how I wish I knew you and would be getting one of these pretties in my mailbox :)

dj.tigersprout said...

hey hey! i love your creativity! a wonderful display of character -- i think you should move back to NYC! ;) that place is just loaded with like minded people! x

Heather from the bar said...

oooh! is it bad that I think doing this while watching project runway and having a glass of wine makes it totally worth it?!