Saturday, October 25, 2008

{ideas} back to it..bouquets & bridesmaids

and i'm back. i knew i couldn't stay away from wedding decision making for too long. ;) perusing my fav blogs this morning, i came across a darling wedding over at snippet & ink. seriously. this is what i'm talkin' about! none of that uber frou-frou stuff...simple, charming, lovable - kinda reminds me of my fh. and check out this bouquet! i luuurve it. although i think i would add a few big white peonies to soften it up and a few crazy wild sprigs of sea oats or rosemary:

and for the guys, i would take one of those yellow ball thingies and pair it with a piece of rosemary and call it a day! simple. rustic. woodsy. i like it. what do you think?

p.s. bridesmaids dresses solved. let them wear grey!

i've decided that this wedding isn't just about me and what i's making sure everyone is comfortable so that they can relax and celebrate the triumph of love. i think they are going to be stunning in these dresses, and i like the way yellow flowers will pop off this beautiful dreamy shade called oyster..


kathryn said...

I saved that same exact picture as soon as I saw it on Snippet & Ink. :) Love it.

Heather from the bar said...

beautiful bouquet :) And the ball thingies for the guys will be perfect!

LRP said...

That bouquet is GORGEOUS!

Amy said...

What a perfect combination. The soft gray and the yellow. Wow. stunning!