Wednesday, October 29, 2008

{random} from boulder with love...

hi y'all...i haven't been ignoring you...i promise...i'm working from boulder, colorado this week on a new project and am very busy...but i do want to share a few things with you.. is the view from my lovely hotel room: (p.s. sorry about the quality of pics..they are from my cell phone)

next's funny where you find sources of inspiration...and how when you are planning a wedding...everything around you that you try to figure out how you can incorporate into the big day! this photo is also from my cell phone, taken in the lounge area of my hotel room...they are bright yellow tulips, in a black modern vase, placed on a traditional table of marble and brass. i know..sounds strange, but oh so lovely..

i'll have more for you later..but for now, i think i'll sip my wine and relax in a nice warm bath...

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Erica said... I miss Colorado. Say hi to Pike's Peak for me.