Wednesday, January 28, 2009

{vendor appreciation} houston..we have a photographer

holy moly y'all. i can't believe it. i seriously thought we would have to forgo the whole fancy photographer due to lack of money...but nope! i was mistaken! not only is this guy totally within our budget, but he freakin' rocks...check these babies out:

and that's just from his wedding collection.

he does other stuff too:

don't be jealous! you can book him too! just not on may 30th...that day, he's mine!

Daniel Meigs


Abbie said...

YAY! How exciting. Great pics!

sharon norbash said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Erica said...

OOHHHH! I LOVE 'em!!! Are you going to do color or b&w or both?

miranda said...

how much fun!!!!!!

chelsea said...

yay! daniel! he's such a good guy. i'm sure you're going to be thrilled with the end result. all the best! <3