Wednesday, February 4, 2009

{ideas} how did i live without you?

but seriously... have you ever come across a store that you wondered how you ever got along without it before? i wish i had come across this little shop earlier...and a big thanks to my friend who opened my eyes to it...just check out some of these fab finds:

we were going to use birdseed as our "confetti," but now i'm considering these cute little dried jasmine flowers (and extra love because they look like those popping things you can get around the fourth of july):

also considering these to add as my "something blue" instead of the jasmine flowers:

check out this adorable cake topper:

they also have shepard's hooks, flower baskets, candles, lighting, cake stands, even glue gun wax to do the old fashioned stamps on the back of your envelopes (i ordered some in silver and will let you know how they turn out).

happy shopping!


Erica said...

Super cute! Where was that store when I was planning my mom's wedding.... I could have used all of that. Oh well. It would have saved me from having to make those little birds myself and combing the internet for dried petals we had read about in a bridal magazine. LOL

Veiled Vows said...

Yay! I just added this to my tumblr so I won't forgot. I really wanted shepard's hooks but I didn't want to pay a million dollars. $6! That's amazing...thank you!