Monday, February 9, 2009

{ideas} sugar and spice, and everything naughty?

alright ladies... i know i'm not the only one thinking about the romantic wedding night...hoping for candles galore and champagne kisses..but i gotta be honest with you...i don't plan on wearing fancy lingerie under my dress. i'm sucking it in with basically a girdle and holstering the girls up in some plastic stickers. not kidding. so i can either slip into something a little less comfy when we get to our honeymoon suite...or i can opt for something that would save me the time of actually changing into something that's just gonna get ripped off anyway (sorry mom):

what do you think? cute & sassy or weird & trashy?


Erica said...

OK...I'll be the first to vote. I'm gonna say weird. I just imagine that in 20 years, he'll look back on that night and instead of him remembering you coming out of that bathroom in some slinky, hot get-up, you're going to come out with purple (or pink or orange) "below the equator." LOL And that's just going to be kind of like a bad
80's hair do that you just wish you could take back. If you are wanting something kind of different but still sexy/kinky, what about maybe a henna tattoo with your new married name or something like that?? Just throwing some ideas out there. I just think you'll look back on that and wish you had skipped it. Not to mention all the thoughts afterwards (how long does it last, will it bleed/stain your bathing suits if you go swimming, etc). That's my 2 cents :)

miranda said...

i agree. its eerily close to clitter.

Anonymous said...

i say do it.. i actually tried it.. my fiance has red hair, and i thought it would be funny if i dyed my black hair auburn.. he thought it was funny... i don't know if your fiance will react, but if he likes jokes, he'll probably enjoy this.. i don't think it really works well for dark hair though..