Friday, March 6, 2009

{ideas} flowers, floral designer, and a warehouse

i am overdue to find a florist. i was hoping to find one while in nashville...but totally forgot it was valentines day. we walked into one florist that would have worked out perfectly because it was close to the wedding site, but i did not like the attitude. she was nearly appalled that we had the audacity to show up on valentines day to talk about wedding flowers. really lady? total mistake on our part, yes, but an attitude? seriously? i'm scratching that one off my list. plus it has bad reviews on some of the wedding vendor sites (for the same problem).

so...for the past week i have been emailing florists all over the nashville area to see who might be able to help me...and while i did receive some very thoughtful responses, i felt like i was just picking blindly... i immediately remembered this amazing flower warehouse place that i used to get lillies from nearly every other week while i lived was just down the street and the selection was always super fresh and the prices were amazing! so i emailed the peeps at import flowers and immediately heard back from lou. i have had a wonderful experience so far...and he has a list of preffered vendors! perfect. i much rather go off of a recommendation, especially if he even trusts his precious cargo in the hands of know what i mean? for the flower pics i will be sending these lovely floral designers:

this is seriously how i want my bouquet to look. i love the bright colors and the greenery...although i would add rosemary, maybe fern curls or pussy willow, and more white... and add ranunculus here and there to tie in with my centerpieces.

i love this one too..i love how wild it is, the big puffy white flowers paired with the delicate dark ones..and have a smaller version of this type of bouquet for my girls..

centerpieces would be super simple in mason jars tied with brown & white bakers twine...i really want a rainbow of ranunculus, but mostly yellow and a few sprigs of rosemary and maybe even lavendar..

although, i really like the little white flowers in this one (don't know what they are)..

when i started collecting these images, i threw them in a folder on my desktop, and unfortunately have no idea where i "borrowed" them from. i sincerely appologize and if you happen to see one that belongs to you, please let me know.


Erica said...

I love the flowers that you have selected! I think the rosemary and lavendar are great additions too. They will smell great as they get brushed up against. It's a Czech custom to give rosemary as a "corsage" to all the guests to ensure fertility and prosperity for the couple. We went to a wedding were all the guests were given little bundles to pin on and it was awesome because as you were hugging and dancing the air was perfumed with the scent...very nice.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'll be sure to check out that florist. I feel the same way about blindly picking someone, especially being from out of town. Recommendations are how we're getting everything done.

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

the last photo of the table with the brick in the background... (don't know where it's from, sorry)

But LOVE IT!!!

Maguilicutty said...

be sure to check out Ilex florals in Nashville. I believe they're on harding road. they are fantastic and absolutely amazing with what they do. all they need to know is your taste, inspiration and budget. i also love fresh by carry ann.