Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{random} finally!

after a year of planning, speculating, dreaming, wishing, hoping...i finally feel like a bride. although there are still a few stressful details that i have to take care of today..i have finally let go of everything and am sitting here with the biggest smile on my face knowing that i am getting married in 10 DAYS!


i used to go to church on a regular basis, right after i was baptized in 2001. it was an amazing time in my life..i felt such peace. i revisited that place again last night in my sleep as i handed over all of my burdens to God. all of the stress, the's all in His hands now. and i'm not worried about the little things that will inevitably go wrong next saturday..whether it's the cake toppling over, the wrong color of linens, a spill of red wine on my beautiful dress, or even if my brother's crazy ex-girlfriend shows up and causes a scene...years from will be matter what happens..and it will be beautiful.

(but in case you want to add a few extra prayers in, please pray that everyone makes it there and back home safely. pray for good health. pray for long lives..and if you're feeling extra generous in your praying moments, please, for petes sake..pray for clear skies!)

thank you. thank you to all of you who have no doubt been there with me thru my heartaches, scary moments, and the good times too. i wish i could invite you all! and in will be there too, as you also helped make this day happen.

i'm so freaking excited!! :)


holly p said...

congratulations!! I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful, just make sure to take it all in and enjoy the day!! Can't wait to see pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

I'm so happy for you. It will be beautiful. I want to see lots of pictures and hopefully you will continue blogging about some other nice topic.
God bless you!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'm so excited for your wedding to finally be here. Well all be waiting to see the pictures!

Brittney said...

10 days will go by very quickly!!! have fun with it all! :)

Jen said...

Congratulations! Enjoy these last few days-they will fly by!

SJN said...

good frame of mind, you've done all you can do, now just enjoy! Congratulations, take it all in and enjoy all the special people in your life!
I can't wait to see photos!

Holly & Helen's Hassack said...

oh wow, 10 DAYS! yay! so fun.

but really if 'or even if my brother's crazy ex-girlfriend shows up and causes a scene' this happens. details. & seriously people will never forget your wedding! j/k i'm praying for your happiness & love to be amazing!!!!

Abbie said...

I'm excited FOR you! I cannot believe it's so close now. YAY!