Friday, May 1, 2009

{woohoo!} butterflies-a-flutterin'..

heck ya! i'm getting married this month!

omg. i am so nervous. nervous that it might rain. what a bummer that would be..or nervous that i get pig flu and sneeze instead of saying "i do"...

and i'm pleased to announce that my programs are about finished..just have to print, stamp, and cut! here's a little preview:

front: cast & crew, ceremony ... back: letter for the parents, meaning of rosemary...all printed on the same cardstock as the invites. thanks to my co-worker friend for giving me a good "kick in the pants" (as she called it).

happy weekend everyone...


Sarah Elizabeth said...

The program looks gorgeous! Are the yellow flourishes from a stamp that you purchased?

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

YOU'RE TOO FUNNY AMY LYNN!!! You might as well know, my pants ain't so fancy, since I've been trying to edit this post now for 20 mins!

It went up automatically and I can't seem to give my credit (via

and I can't title it... nor can I add any text underneath.

Ah well. Fancy is a fancy does! But thanks for taking notice. I'll work out my glitches eventually. I gotta hit the showers to go out!

Have a great weekend!

(I just cut and pasted this reply from your comment from my site...)


Brittney said...

these are so lovely! you are WAY ahead of me... I'm getting married a week before and just now started THINKING about my programs haha!

Congratulations on getting them out of the way :)

Abbie said...

Yay! They look ah-mazing!

jessica lynn said...

your programs are beautiful!!! :)

{The Perfect Palette} said...

these are great