Monday, June 22, 2009

{vendor appreciation} Vintage Florals.

i know i promised details and the dress, but i'm pretty sure y'all are tired of looking at me and would much rather look at these beautiful flowers vintage florals arranged for the day...

i actually found melissa thru a wholesale flower shop that i used to frequent when i lived in nashville..i emailed the shop, asking if he had any recommendations for a floral designer..and luckily..he knew melissa.

the moment i spoke to her on the phone, i knew she was going to be fantastic. she seemed to know exactly what i was looking for and was just as excited to arrange them, as i was to have them there on the big day.

Do: be prepared. do some research as to what is in season on or around your wedding date. if you must have a flower that isn't readily prepared to pay. try the wedding flower finder on real simple.

Don't: expect her to read your mind. bring pictures of designs/colors you like to your floral designer so you are clear about what it is you do and do not want. try the color image finder on

Do: check out your options. there are many ladies (and guys!) out there who do this sort of thing for a living out of their own home while trying to raise a family. you might get a better price and fresher flowers than if you use a florist. (but not always..there are good florists out there who won't charge extra just because the word "wedding" comes out your mouth).


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

These are out of this world!

Congrats again. I just smile knowing you're married!

How silly is that???

Abbie said...

Love them!!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

incredible photos! so charming!