Saturday, July 11, 2009

{what i'm jonesin' for} tabletop

the wedding day feels like a dream i had once..a long time ago. there are more pictures to come, but i want to take a break and fill you in on my latest obsession: nesting.

we don't have a dining room, per se, but we intend to make one...meaning arranging a few things around in the living room and thus creating a 'dining area.' i for one, am bored of sitting on the couch and hovering over my food that sits on a coffee table...staring at the tv. i work so hard (sometimes) on creating a delicious meal, that i want to sit down at a table and enjoy it with my, without further ado, here is what i'm dreaming of:

table: big sur from crate & barrel. cost: $1499.
chair: Marais A from DWR. cost: $250 x 4
feed sack table runner: in red from wisteria. cost: $399 (not kidding)
vintage washtub: from wisteria. cost: $199

total for dream dining area: $3,097

see my problem?

let's not forget the assorted antique silverware and mix-match french plates. le sigh.

update: the chairs are 50% off. we just bought 4. score!!


Sjn said...

just sent you an email... I found 3 glasses for you!

Michelle Neuman said...

I love all thing vintage and Shabby Chic, so I put something VERY much like what you are wanting together for about 300 dollars....tops! I re-covered 4 vintage wrought iron chairs, purchased a table from TJ Maxx Homegoods that looks almost exactly like the one you picked out, and had a friends mom sew the table runner for me. They also (at My local TJ Maxx Homegoods) have large wood bowls that look like your tabletop choice. The mix and match look is fab. and fresh. You have great style!