Tuesday, August 18, 2009

{random} ahhh. shoes.

i am so picky when it comes to shoes...well, now that i live in a city where walking up and down steep hills is a daily thing (so heels are usually out)..and i've noticed i have traded comfort in place of style. sigh. so i usually throw on my chucks or some flip flops and carry on..searching for that perfect flat that marries style with comfort and doesn't cost a fortune..well, if some of you out there are a lot like me, then i hope you will find these shoes as perfect as i do:

behold the ecco ballet flats. they are just darling on the foot -very french i think- and the leather inside is that super soft and supple leather that gently caresses your foot as you move. i adore them..and best of all, they seem to go with everything. find them on sale here.


holly-lynn said...

i love the red color! might be my new fall flat!

NYframeofminds said...

I'm an elementary school teacher so I LOVE me some flats! Cute!