Tuesday, July 22, 2008

yay! i won something!

so..i'm a self-proclaimed blog-stalker. i can't help myself. there are so many great blogs out there and i have a list of them that i check daily (see list to the left). some of these wonderful daily reads offer contests for various things, and of course i have to apply to them all. i never win, but the anticipation of it is so exhilarating, and i like throwing my opinions or stories out there in participation. Anyhoo..i finally won something...although it's not because my story was the wittiest, or my comment was the funniest...but because random.org picked me out of all them. that's right...it's like the computer closed it's eyes and accidentally pointed its mouse on me. oh well..i still won and i can't wait to see my new little planner arrive in the mail. thanks to pearlsevents...which is a great blog by the way (she also does bridal consults & event planning).

isn't it cute?

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