Saturday, July 19, 2008

the perfect spot

i found my ceremony & reception site 4 days after the ring was on my finger. was it because i am a bridezilla in the making? perhaps. was it because i am a woman who knows what she wants? could be. but mostly i think it's because i had to...

after our whirlwind of a time in new york, we got on a plane and headed south to nashville to visit friends & family for the remainder of our vacation. it was the first time we had been back to nashville since we moved to the west coast a year prior. everyone was excited about the news, but no one seemed more so than his aunt kerry and his mother holly.

while holly planned the impromptu engagement party, kerry had me in the car faster than i could say "we're engaged!" we visited churches, gazebos, and much more...but when we arrived at an old plantation that was located just down the street from holly's lovely home, i just had a feeling it would be the one...we drove up the long winding gravel road lined with lush green trees. at the end of the road was a sweet, white picket fence and a yard that stretched further than i could see . the house was magnificent, but the garden is what caught my eye. i could see saying our vows at the iron gate, flowers rejoicing in the garden that would surround us...natural wooden folding chairs in the lawn by the house and family gathering under the old magnolia tree. it was breathtaking. we put down the deposit the next day.

personal photos taken at traveller's rest plantation

i knew i wanted to get married in may, although the rain might be an issue on our special day, it really is the perfect temperature for an outdoor wedding. we had discussed memorial day weekend, and really felt, at the time, it would be wonderful for our travelling guests to have a long weekend to have plenty of time to get back. and of course, there was another couple interested for the same day, although they had not put down a deposit to save their date. here we were with a dilemma...we could put down a deposit and steal another brides date..or we could choose another. we opted for the latter and felt confident in our choice that the weekend following memorial day would be just as lovely.

a week later, the wedding coordinator from the plantation phoned to tell me that the bride had changed her mind on the venue and that i could have the memorial day weekend date after all. i kindly declined. "i love my date," i told her. and i really do.

for any bride looking to book a holiday wedding, please take a moment to read about the bride featured on oprah who chose a 4th of july weekend. it is absolutely heartbreaking and it may help you decide when you want your special day to take place.

i am ever so grateful to everyone involved for the time they took to help us find our perfect spot. knowing we won't be able to return to nashville before the wedding, it's nice to know one of the important decisions about the day has already been made.

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