Saturday, September 13, 2008

{invites} Dingbat Press Giveaway

so, you all know by now that i have been diy-ing my save the dates and have planned on doing my invites as well. i have sincerely enjoyed making my std's, but for some reason i am extremely nervous to do my invites...they just seem so ... scary. i mean, they have to be perfect.

when i began thinking about the invites i did some research on what other brides were doing and found this great little thing called "letterpress." i fell in love a schoolgirl with a crush on a celebrity and actually thinking it could happen one day...and then i saw how much they cost and it was only then that i truly understood that it could never happen for me. sigh. i have to admit, i still fantasize about it...the creamy, textured paper...the beautiful ink, and the depth of each letter gracefully announcing our big day...

so this morning, while reading my favorite blogs, idiy announces this fantastic opportunity: dingbat press is giving away an entire wedding suite in letterpress! oh my heart be still! that school girl crush is back...and she's not shying away this time!

just look at some of their amazing work:

Be sure to check out the blog's more than just letterpress, it's inspiration.

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