Thursday, September 18, 2008

{invites} the great stamp debate

is anyone else freaking out about the choice of stamps out there? I mean...i think they kind of stink as far as wedding selection goes...they do have a series of "wedding hearts" but the colors are so...pastel 80's. yuck. i was hoping to find something simple...perhaps in a black and white to keep the almost vintage feel of my envelopes. although i haven't found the perfect stamp, i have narrowed it down to the following contenders:

the normal bell, not a favorite, but kind of goes with the "wedding bells" thing:

i kind of really like this one, but it would require an additonal 1c stamp (boo):
the hideous (and totally not matching) 1c stamp would be:
next up, flowers. cute but would also require aforementioned hideous 1c stamp:
Finally, the love. i like the little guy running away with the heart...actually, kind of like my honey:
don't think i have forgotten the eames. we do plan on using these little gems...for our rsvp envelopes!! how cute is's like saying "reserve a fabulous seat for me":
so seriously..what's a girl to do?


thatdisneygirl said...

guy with the heart. totally.

dj.tigersprout said...

giving you fierceness! ;) yes -- guys running off w/ big hearts -- that is pretty darn hot in my opinion! work it sister! x

maggie said...

love the guy with the heart. I will probably use those.

For my save the dates I had to use tropical-fruit postcard stamps, and some of them just looked *slightly* obscene (in a georgia o'keeffe way).

Amanda said...

Yes, I just went and checked out the USPS stamp selection and I see your dilemma. I notice you didn't add a photo of the traditional "wedding heart" (I'm assuming because of the obvious cheese factor).My favorite would have to be the man running withe the heart.

I'm fairly tempted to just go to zazzle and make my own peony stamps (but don't know if I can justify spending that much extra money for frakin' postage!).

And yes, those fruit stamps are very... "georgia o'keeffe".