Saturday, September 20, 2008

{random} my first wedding nightmare

i have read in other blogs, during my morning blog stalking ritual, that there are brides out there who have multiple dreams nightmares about the big day. i thought this was fascinating and thought "surely this won't happen to me...i'm completely calm." ha. jokes on me...last night i had my first "wedding nightmare" and i can't get it out of my head. it was so real...

first of was raining outside. so, we had to get married in this old, musty know, the kind that has carpet...and gum stuck to the carpet. i peaked out of the dressing room to the altar and saw my bridesmaids standing there...dressed for the club. they had never bought their dresses and they were talking, text messaging and laughing. no bouquets, no helping me walking down the aisle. just standing there. the groomsmen were perfect, standing quietly in their linen pants, crisp white shirts and fabulous ties. the groom was there too..staring at the boutonniere.

i looked at the clock. it was 11:58. i had two minutes before i walked down the aisle. at that perfect hair completely fell apart. i tried to fix it, but the music started and i ended up with a sad little pony tail with some hair sticking out on the left side. i felt hands pushing on my back toward the door...i asked for my bouquet, and a strong southern voice said, "oh honey, we lost that thing hours ago," and i was shoved out the door.

the music had stopped playing. i stood there..feeling that piece of hair that was sticking out flapping in the breeze. i fidgeted with my bouquet-less hands and held back tears as i looked out at all the strange faces staring back at me. i walked down the aisle, without music, without flowers, without my dad.

i woke up in a sweat.

now thinking back on it...the dream points out all of my struggles right now:

1. rain. well. that's obvious.
2. bridesmaids in club clothes: 2 of them still have not tried on the dress i have asked them to. i'm trying not to be bridezilla here, but it worries me. hurts my feelings.
3. flowers: i think i am worried about this one because i am afraid this will be last minute decision making during the week i am in nashville...there will be so much to do that week before the wedding. i'm afraid something will just not happen...
4. hair: because my hair can never do what it's supposed to do.

i think the last part is the most significant...
my dad is not in the best of health. he has come a long way from his heart attack several years ago, but you know, he's just getting older. i am so afraid he won't be there. i haven't been able to admit that until now. and it breaks my heart.

over the next 8 months, i will continue to plan and diy to the best of my abilities. i know something will go wrong. so all i can do is carry on, dream big, and say a few little prayers along the way.


Adrienne said...

We'll all be praying for you too! it will all come together, and as for managing the hair, I finally just re-showered, put in about 1/2 a jar of dippety-do, and combed it with a hard part on the left into a low bun on my neck. Now I'm so glad it worked out that way because the big curly thing would have been flat in a matter of seconds in the rain, and even if it hadn't rained it would have been flat within the hour! Don't fret, you'll make it through!

Erica said...

I feel your pain on the bridesmaid dress know I do. Just remember that the important stuff will get done. You'll look fabulous because you will be happy, in love....and glowing. :) Plus, you always look fabulous! Hello!! I know what you mean about your dad...I was scared about that too. I will say little prayers for you too.