Friday, October 17, 2008

{bm dresses} i thought it was all figured out when...

oh lord. please help me get through this..without hurting anyone, while being true to myself...

when my brooklyn bridesmaid came to visit, we tried on many, many dresses...and hallelujah. we found one. when my nashville girls came to visit, we tried on the same dresses...and hallelujah, they liked the same one my brooklyn girl liked. well..almost. my moh felt uncomfortable with bare shoulders. that's easy. a pretty shrug will be beautiful and help her stand out from the other girls. fixed. my other nashville girl...threw up a little in her mouth when she saw the color. we held it to her skin, and all agreed that it would not be a very flattering color for her. so we chose a beautiful "oyster" color (think polished platinum) that would be lovely..and go with my theme. i can live with that. but now the plot brooklyn girl now wants the grey color as well. so i have 2 greys and 1 yellow...not the bright happy garden wedding i had in mind...

here are my i see it:
(these are totally photoshopped and not a true representative of the colors)

Option #1: 1 yellow with silver shrug, 2 oysters:

Option #2: 1 yellow with silver shrug, 1 oyster, 1 yellow:

Option #3: to hell with what i want...all three oysters:

Option #4: it's all about me bridezilla-esque...all three yellow:

I seriously feel a big lump in my throat. i want to cry. but then i think...the most important thing is that i will be my dream man at the end of the day. that's what i really want. that's what it's all about...a celebration of a love found and a desire to keep that love for as long as i can walk this earth. so why does it matter what they wear? who cares? with the economy where it is, i'm asking my best girls to fork up a few hundred dollars for something that they don't particularly want. i think it's huge that they are willing to do that for lil ole me. but then again...i feel like the happy garden party is turning into a drab fashion show. and i don't know what to do. my heart says, "let them be happy!" but my bridezilla says, "wait guys, that's not what i asked for!"

i'm thinking of going with option #3. my fh says we can just dress it up with some fab yellow bouquets...but...but..

what do you think? anyone else having trouble with dress colors and conflicting tastes?


Abbie said...

Girl... I've been going through the same dang thing and am just praying that my step-sister's dress fits or I might cry. J reminded me that I have hated to spend money on BM dresses that were uncomfortable or I would never wear again, so I tried to make everyone happy. Come to find out, it only got worse when I tried to make everyone happy. Do what is in your heart, and you won't be a bridezilla. I'm sure you've worn a BM dress that didn't flatter you before. They'll get over it.

Sharon Norbash said...

This is a difficult struggle, for sure. You have to balance so many things.... being true to your vision and making sure that everyone is decently happy (because it IS important that your girls be happy.... because although it is your day, you love them and want them to enjoy the day as much as possible).
Now here's the thing.... from an unbiased outsider... all options have the potential for being fabulous. Of course you want a uniformed look, but the truth is... even with different dresses, the right accessories could really tie it all together. If you choose to go that route... I would make it clear that the girls will be accessorized to your liking... no and ifs or buts.
I know that this is a stressful one, but breathe deep and come back to it... because in the end, it will more than likely be a tiny bit of compromise on all parts and will look absolutely, friggin' fantastic, no matter what you do.

Heather from the bar said...

Honestly, all combinations look great. Don't stress to much! However, I will say that just yesterday I picked out the BM dresses and asked everyone to order them, and I am scared for the phone calls that I may start getting. The "this doesn't fit right" phone calls... ugh. dreading those calls. Bryan keeps telling me to go bridezilla on them :) But with my girls spending almost $200 on dresses, I want them to like them :) But like Abbie said, they will get over it ;)

alexandra said...

no matter what you do, not everyone will be happy. trust me, i told my girls to simply pick out a black dress... and i STILL got complaints! (i mean, COME ON!) do what YOU want. it'll be ok! :)