Monday, October 6, 2008

{vendor appreciation} food at its best

i love good food. seriously. if you are as passionate as i am about deliciousness, read on..

i had worked with kristen at a popular restaurant in nashville a few years ago...i would love to listen to her talk during line-up about the different cheeses we would be presenting that evening, or listen to her explain her wild mushroom bread pudding, or let me sample some of her homemade preserves. it's no wonder why i gained a few pounds during that year...i was like a moth to a flame when kristen was in the kitchen.

sadly, that beautiful restaurant no longer exists, but kristen has found a more casual, down to earth home, firefly grille. i visit every time i go home to nashville, and my mouth waters just thinking about her lovely fare. her cheeseboard is hands down the best cheeseboard i have ever had the pleasure of enjoying - and that's saying a lot after trying some of the best restaurants right here in san francisco. currently she's including the last pick of the summer peach jam on the cheese plate and is making homemade garlic dill pickles that takes 3 weeks to cure for the burger and will be ready this week at firefly.

not only does kristen find time to create a menu for firefly grille, she, and her partner in crime Amy Willis, cater all types & sizes of events from weddings to business meetings, from showers to private dinners, and everything in between. best of all, everything is completely customizable.

when i asked kristen about where she likes to get her ingredients she was excited to tell me about the different organic farms nearby, thus stimulating local economy and decreasing her carbon footprint: "In the summer months, we get a lot of produce from Amish country near Lawrenceberg, TN.. It's about an hour and a half travel southwest of Nashville. We also get a few things from the Menonites in KY. Both of these groups mentioned are usually organic. Each community has various families within their culture that are serious farmers. With each item we get from there, you will usually see a tag with the farmers' names written in pencil, sometimes pen. (This is because the Amish culture sells their produce via auction.) I also, believe it or not, like K and S for odd things. They have various produce that you don't always see in regular markets and of course the dry goods are always unique and there are many regions of the world represented there. And since I like to cook so many different cuisines, it helps me."

eggplant roll ups with fresh basil, roasted pepper, goat cheese and balsamic syrup

one of the many treats that accompany a cheese plate: marinated picholine olives

and finally...cheese!

i am so excited that kristen will be catering our wedding! she has been keeping track of my blog, and is already in tune with my style..more details to come on what she will be serving at our reception...

in the meantime, if you are curious about kristens deliciousness, check her out:

Firefly Grille
2201 Bandywood Dr
Nashville, TN 37215
(615) 383-0042

or catered events (book now for your 2009 event):
Daffodils Catering
Kristen Gregory & Amy Willis
316 Camille Ct
Cane Ridge, TN

"I love what I do, I couldn't do anything else as a career. I want my clients to feel they've been given the best quality every time, to also be excited about their menu choices." ~ Kristen Gregory


AmyJean said...

Holy C(*%! Those eggplant rolly things look AMAZING!

Helen, Linda, & Holly said...

just found your blog off of adventures in wedding planning, and those eggplant rolls made me hungry! combined some of my favorites w/ eggplant, roasted red peppers and goat cheese.. mm.