Saturday, October 4, 2008

{diy} is it getting out of control?

i had another wedding dream last night...not too bad...i was incredibly happy...and was helping 3 little flower girls (i have no idea who these kids were) cross the street. i was wearing my wedding gown and carrying a bouquet...i could feel the big smile on my face...when i reached the wedding site, my FH asked me where the cake-topper was that i was supposed to make. i laughed as i said, "oh, i guess i never made it."

i hope that's how it goes down when something goes 'wrong.'

here is my diy list thus far:

1. std's & envelope liners (done for the most part)
3. invites (unless i miraculously win some fab letterpress contest) le sigh.
4. cake-topper - totally stole this idea from patch nyc whose cake-toppers start at $500!

5. hair flowers for myself, the maids, and the moms. (6 total).

6. necklaces for the maids.

7. wedding signs (totally volunteered my dad for this one)

8. centerpieces

if you are the source, or if you know the source of these images, please let me know so that i can give credit.

and I'm thinking of adding these lovely programs from martha to the mix:

whew. what do you think? am i in over my head?


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

it's a lot but i'm sure you can do it! i love all of the ideas and can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Abbie said...

It may seem like a lot, but you have plenty of time. If you start doing some of these things now, then you'll have them all done in a flash!