Friday, November 21, 2008

{random} another one of my almost moments...

riding home on the shuttle the other night..i got weary of looking out the window at all the traffic. so i glanced to the front. not much going on up there...and then i glanced to the right. and i was mortified! this grown man, in his business suit, was knuckle deep in his nose.

i. am. not. kidding. we locked eyes. my jaw dropped. i quickly turned to look out the window and had such a hard time from busting out laughing. i literally got a cramp in my neck from not moving my head for the rest of the hour-ride home. i was afraid at what other nasty little habits this dude had.

when the bus came to the first stop downtown..he got up to leave. and i almost had another "ally mcbeal" moment. i could feel the words in my throat, "i hope you're taking that booger with you."

thank goodness for whatever it is that stops me from saying such things.


AmyJean said...

OMG. i'm a huge ally mcbeal fan. I love how she'd just let her mind take over present reality and then get caught in present reality playing out her mind. I even had a theme song... lol! Love it! Impressed you maintained composure!

Amanda said...

Wow. I'm having flashbacks. This man must be my nose picking doppleganger: