Tuesday, December 2, 2008

{random} revisiting new years goals..

at the turn of the new year, i will have started this blog a year ago...and i started it off with my new years resolution...let's revisit:

1. Take a self defense class. Specifically: Krav Maga.
✔ well, for about 6 months i did.

2. Take a yoga class. ya. i can't even touch my toes anymore. dammit.
✔ well, for about 6 months i did.

3. Learn how to sew. I want to make pretty pretty aprons to wear in the kitchen. i want to make flirty flirty skirts to wear to the park in spring. this will surely make me happy.
✔ i hand sewed my cake topper clothes...does that count?

4. Learn to make a pie completely from scratch. i got a rolling pin for christmas. i've always wanted one. i've always wanted to make pie dough...but am frightened. very, very frightened.
✔ yup. 4 successful and delicious pies. 2 cherry, 2 apple.

5. Drink more water. Eat more fruit. you get the idea. this is the "i want to be healthier goal"
✔ yup.

6. Laugh more. Cry less.
✔ yup. i think so.

7. Make a ton of new friends.
x err..not so much.

8. Read a new book every month. so. that's 12 books. i can do this.
✔ well...i read 6...but then came blogs and wedding magazines..

9. Beat super mario galaxy on the wii. it's driving me crazy.
x err..not so much. we sold the wii to get new phones. priorities people!

10. Fall in love all over again with my honey. :)
✔ yup. absolutely.

i think i did okay...as far as new years resolutions go...and hey ... there are still a few weeks left, how crazy would it be if i read 6 books before the year ended!

now...for next year...

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AmyJean said...

Looks like you achieved a majority of your goals - that is very impressive! You should be proud! :)