Wednesday, December 10, 2008

{million reasons why} #36

there are quite possibly a million reasons why i am so in love with my fh. don't worry, i won't be listing them all..but i do want to point out a one today..

reason #36: he is so patient.

really. it amazes me...partly because my temper usually skates on thin ice...i don't understand how one could stay so calm when things go wrong. i try...i really, really do. but then i just have to scream...or cuss. after it's all said and done, i see how silly i was to get so mad...but not my man...

the other day, we decided to hang curtains between our bedroom and our living room...where accordion style french doors used to be. well, the curtain rod kept falling out of the wall..and we don't have a drill, so he had to hand screw in all the screws. in the drywall. with the support things. and then we discovered it was uneven. so he had to redo it. all the while the radiator is heating up the room. he was sweating...i was freezing. he kept burning his hand on the radiator..but not once did he lose it. not once did he complain, or get frustrated. amazing. i mean..i would have thrown the hammer thru that dang drywall and yanked the radiator out of the wall and thrown it on to the street. not. even. kidding.

the results...well..

beautiful. thanks honey. you're the best.


sharon norbash said...

this added so much!

D. Marie said...

Wow...I think I would have given up too! FYI... I like the final picture!