Friday, January 23, 2009

{the dress} obsessed.

first it was shoes, then i'm obsessed with finding the perfect rehearsal dinner dress. now, i have one that i borrowed from a good friend of mine...and it's a super cute blue halter from j crew a few years back.. and it's beautiful on...but i kinda want my own know? however, things are kind of at a stand still right now (as far as employment future goes) in the meantime, i've been drooling over these (and am ever so grateful for the blue dress from my friend!):

i know. i'm all over the place...and i'm okay with that.

what are you doing for your rehearsal dinner dress?

1 comment:

AmyJean said...

first and third first and third first and third. I'm loving them ! :)


PS. I'm considering both those color schemes for my wedding LOL. You've got great taste