Thursday, January 8, 2009

{ideas} unexpected inspiration

when we start planning a wedding, we naturally think of all the common places to have our ceremony and receptions including churches, homes, parks, hotels, or even our favorite restaurants..but did you ever think that a zoo could be the perfect place to say "i do?" me neither..until i saw this on

from here.

and with rental fees at $300–5,200 depending on space and time rented could definitely celebrate like animals.


Abbie said...

J and I went to a wedding reception at the Milwaukee Zoo, and it was really fun. It's amazing what venues you'd never think of!

Erica said...

I saw pics of a gorgeous outdoor wedding held at the Memphis Zoo and it was incredible! I think zoos and public parks are defnitely spaces that get overlooked.

fH said...

I don't like this idea. Way to dangerous!