Friday, January 2, 2009

{random} onward & upward..

i wasn't going to post my resolutions here this year...but then i figured...why not? i like reading others list..they tend to hopefully you will take a little something away with my little list of "things to do" for 2009:

1. pay more attention to my posture. i notice i slouch more than i used to..not sure if it's because i'm in front of a computer all day, or maybe i'm surrounded by shorter people? at any rate, i really need to keep a straight spine, my shoulders back, and my head up...i think it makes a big difference in not only how i look, but how i feel about myself as well.

2. eat more leafy greens & cut down the sugar. i'm tired of being tired all the time and hopefully this will clear away the cobwebs.

3. turn off the tv. we've gotten into such a habit of zoning away the evenings by sitting in front of the boob tube that i don't know where the time has gone...or what i've done with it. i usually watch 2 episodes of friends as soon as i get home, but i can't tell you what they were about. that's an entire hour i've wasted without making a single memory. terrible.

4. learn something new. i've really enjoyed the diy projects i've taken on my with planning my wedding..i'd like to continue to create things, so learning how to sew or knit this year would be a fun thing for me.

5. write more handwritten notes. this one is kind of cheating..i already know i will be writing several thank you notes after the wedding has come and gone..but i would like to continue to just drop a little unexpected note in the mail every once in a while...nothing like getting a handwritten message amongst a pile of bills.

6. go for a walk..or run. i'd like to think i can get up an hour earlier before i normally do to go for a quick jog up and down the san fran hills...i can visualize it...but i'm afraid i wouldn't keep this resolution. i'm going to go ahead and keep it here...let's see if i can't work it out.

that about does it. i like my list this year...most everything is completely realistic and i believe that if i can incorporate at least one of these things as a life change...then i will have succeeded.

any resolutions you are making that you are extra excited about? or are you afraid you won't be able to keep them...?


AmyJean said...

I love the posture one :)


sharon norbash said...

I just recently mentioned to my bf that the posture thing is a big one for me. What has happened? I used to have such lovely posture, but have found myself so unladylike in this slouchy pose. Tis tis.
I, too, will have to make this a huge priority this yr.

Thanks for sharing your resolutions... makes me get on the ball with mine :)

Erica said...

Have a hubby that is 6'5" really helps me keep my head high and my posture nice and straight. :) I'm putting together my list of resolutions...I'm pretty confident this year about them. I like the "learn something new" one. I have that one my list every year. I have a running list of things I want to learn and each year I pick one.