Saturday, January 31, 2009

{random} surprise!

i'm going to apologize in advance for whatever i may say or misspell here...i have been sick and am all drugged up on alka-seltzer cold stuff...that they say is non-drowsy, but i really believe it knocks you out cold and makes you sleep walk and do really stupid things so your friends and family can laugh at you...

but i digress.

my coworkers rock. no many people can say they work with some of the nicest and smartest people ever? well, i can. the other day they dooped me into going to my fav cafe (i normally like to eat at my desk so i can catch up on my favorite wedding blogs while i stuff my face..paints a cute picture, doesn't it?). when we got there i noticed the entire team i work with was there .. about 30 or so..and all sitting at a large table. i wasn't sure i was invited..or what was going on, and turned to my cubemate and asked if we should sit with them (i mean, it's not like we were invited and maybe it was some sort of secret meeting or something???)..that's when i noticed a ginormous card and presents in the middle of the table...the envelope read "amy" in was a little party for little 'ol me! was it my birthday? nope. could it be a going away party (my official last day is monday - yikes)? thought this could be it...until i noticed the wrapping on the presents was from none other than the fabulous williams sonoma! sweet! it was a wedding party thing! (shower?? i dunno). so check this out...i opened the card and look:

home-freakin-made! by the same little chica who did this. i thoughtful..and oh-so-cute. you might not be able to see it in the pic, but she actually printed out pics from my blog to make it uber-personal. and everyone on the team signed the inside to the big 'ol benjamin taped to the inside. w00t!

i know, i want to know about the fab loot...well, it was all stuff i craved from my wedding registry at williams-sonoma:

heritage bundt pan. comes with an awesome little recipe too...thinking about trying it out on the co-workers as a little appreciation...

muffin pan...have you seen the cupcakes in the latest from martha stewart? seriously.

avocado pitter/slicer. i love me some avocados...especially now that i live in cali.

oh yea! ice cream maker!! and whole foods has strawberries on sale right now...2 cartons for $6! i cannot wait to use this baby...and my fh made fun of me for registering for this...i guess i'll make fun of him when he wants a bite of my homemade strawberry ice cream!

we also got a fluted pastry wheel (for my love of pie-baking), a simple apron for the fh, a paring knife (available in stores only), and a fabulous maple wood spreader (also only available in stores) - which i used last night to spread my garlic/parsley/butter/ black pepper butter on french bread before throwing it in the oven...and let me tell you, it will be one of my favorite tools in the kitchen.

so here's to you fab co-workers! you made my day.


Frangelica Hathaway said...

I think you are being way too hard on your FH. When he asks for a bite of some HM ice cream, I think you should lovingly give him his own bowl of it.

AmyJean said...

That is soooo sweeet :)

Erica said...

That is SOOO awesome! Sounds like you have an awesome set of co-workers. And you have a lot of baking/cooking ahead of you! :)