Friday, February 27, 2009

{groomsmen} bummer.

i promised aunt kerry that i wouldn't blog about this..but now that it's not happening the way we planned, i think it's ok to share...

this was probably the most exciting part about our nashville trip and the fh was such a trooper! we stopped by a fab. men's tailor/clothing store where the fh picked out vests and ties for himself and the groomsmen to be handmade especially for them! he did such a great job on picking out the fabric (and i certainly didn't mind that the yellow and grey kind of went out the window at this point..the more color, the better!):

the vest material:
fh's tie:

and for the groomsmen ties:

but unfortunately, we just found out that the fabric for the ties is no longer available! boo!


but the good news is that the owner is super awesome and has great taste! (so hopefully he can find something comparable). he made us feel comfortable and helped us decide on what to do instead of pushing us into what he thought we should do. top notch service and great loot to boot...if you are in the nashville area, be sure to swing by j. michaels for your man.


Erica said...

I know! It's J. Michael's fabulous. And their seamstress, Victoria, is incredible. She used to run the Body Shop over there next to Arzelle's. I take all my stuff to her. And they carry Bill's Khakis, which are hubby's favorite. :)
That is such an awesome idea to have those made especially for them. I am sure the other fabric will be great. They won't steer you wrong.

One Love Photo said...

I love these patterns and colors. These are going to look great in your photos!!!