Friday, February 27, 2009

{random} what?!

when did that happen? holy cow...there is still so much to do.. i mean, it took me an hour to handstamp 24 invites the other night. i still need a florist, to make the girls jewelry, put together a playlist, write out our ceremony, write my vows...the list goes on...and i'm seriously starting to panic.


holly p said...

don't panic! 3 months doesn't seem like a lot but it is 90 days! do a little bit every day and you'll definitely get it all done!

Erica said...

Just make it a point to fully complete one of those things a week and your list will start dwindling down. I thought you already had a florist??

D. Marie said...

I think you will pull it together...dont panic because that might make it worse! Just set time every day to do stuff for your big day.