Saturday, March 21, 2009

{beauty} finally!

i found my makeup! originally i wanted to try out some dior products (mainly because i'm obsessed with diorshow - which i still need to get). but i just love mac. it's just looks great on me. the colors are vibrant enough to show up on my skin and it's not heavy..and it's a makeup line i can afford...dior, not so much.

but why is it that they always coat it on at the makeup counter? i had to come home and wash my face..but i did reapply to show you guys (don't laugh at my crazy's hard to find good lighting and i think the one in my bathroom is the best!) and never mind the hair's a rainy day here in the city..

a semi close-up:

i am already in love with a couple of the products...
  1. Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolor. ladies. this is the one to go with for the wedding day. it's basically..paint. you need makeup remover to get this stuff off. one side is fab color (my choice was "lishous", other side, creamy gloss). brilliant! also worn with cremestick liner in "sublime culture" tip: apply liner after the lipstick, this helps it from bleeding and blends more in with the lip color rather than having an obvious line around the lips. yuck!

  2. Studio Sculpt Concealer. holy cow. this stuff is amazing. i have terrible dark circles..but this covers them like a dream. it has a pink undertone to the color to cover up the "bluish" tint undereye circles plague me with. another plus: it's water resistant..perfect for those tears of joy that will be making their way down my face. tip: glide on with a soft brush and be sure to follow of the entire eye as this makes a great eyeshadow primer

  3. Sheertone Blush. Just a great color for my me a natural, innocent blush. tip: apply directly to the apples of the cheek for extra innocence

  4. Studio Fix. I cannot push this product enough. It's the lighted foundation, concealer, powder stuff I've ever been able to find. It's perfect for my skin. tip: use a brush to glide on instead of the pad it comes with. it will go farther and go on lighter

  5. Eye Shadow shades: yogurt, quarry, blackberry, and ground brown.
i also got some fake eyelashes for a little extra oomph but i'm not sure if i will be using those yet. also, you might not be able to tell, but one side has brown eyeliner (my left) and the other has my usual black eyeliner (my right). why do you, or brown?


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

MAC rocks. (a friend of mine got ma a TV makeup artist "consultant" before my wedding)... what?

Well, anyway, she recommended MAC hands down..., she also recommended certain brushes and methods of application. There are also, apparently certain foundations are not good for photos. (just in general.)

Oh, and by the way. YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!! As far as color of the eyeliner..., I say go black (only for photo purposes...) even if that day you think "oh, this might be too dark than what I wanted." my dad was a wedding photographer...,

1. Always point your "forward toe, forward";
2. Always go a little darker in makeup;
3. Always lick your lips before each photo (but I'm sure a good lipstick/or gloss would do just fine in 2009!!!)

I'm so excited for you!

Erica said...

Love the makeup and I second the black eye liner :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

The falsies look completely real! I can't tell the difference between brown/black eyeliner. They both look gorgeous

lauren rose said...

Perfection! Love the lipcolor, blush and eyes (def. go black)- I think you found exactly what you set out to find! You can't go wrong with MAC! I'm so excited for you!

AmyJean said...

I love the look. So natural! :)

sera said...

I will be hauling my but to the mac counter asap! I must try out that lipstick! You look gorgeous.

Champika said...

Not safe for work.