Sunday, March 15, 2009

{honeymoon} shopping success!

couldn't resist the urge to go to target and check out the suits...we first stopped by department stores and boutique shops where bikini tops alone were $68 or so. really? that's messed on to target we went...and scored! the entire ensemble below was right around $60.

this thing is awesome! not only is it incredibly soft, but you can wear it as a dress or a skirt..i'm using it as a cover-up for my cute new suit! but beware..the sizes run big.

for some reason, this suit looks really weird in this pic, but i promise you, it is adorable on. it totally enhances my bewbie area and the drawers are not that big...the rings on the side can be adjusted making it more of a low-rider than shown here.

these flips are incredibly comfortable and affordable. we saw some yesterday for over $50. for flip-flops. does anyone else find this disturbing?

now all i need is a big red floppy hat..

on another note, i got this (only in gold) to go with my rehearsal dinner dress...isn't it super sweet?

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alissa said...

ooo love the headband