Thursday, March 12, 2009

{ideas} flowers & hospice

i keep having to remind myself to take a deep breath..cause y'all, i am so excited. i spoke with my incredibly nice, patient, and super intuitive floral designer late the other night. we went over flowers, style, colors..everything. she suggested some options without being pushy and i felt completely comfortable with her. in the end, she seemed just as excited as i was about what we came up with...

so here it is:

for the ceremony, we will have 1 bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, 4 bouts total and 2 corsages for the moms. they will all have the feeling of this:

click on image for larger size

but using a lot of greenery and these flowers & herbs:

click on image for larger size

for centerpieces, banquet tables and cake flowers, we are using these:

click on image for larger size

also... 2 bay leaf and lavender wreath's to hang on each of the white barn doors:

and one large one to hang right above the fireplace:

i think the coolest part about the whole thing is that she can set up for perenity to stop by the next day and take the flowers from the reception to a local hospice hospital. what a wonderful way to celebrate life, flowers, beauty, and hope...


Abbie said...

I'd have trouble, too-- I'm SO excited for you!! Don't you love when details work out?!

holly p said...

I love the flowers you picked out! I'm so sad that ranunculus aren't available in the fall, I wanted them for my wedding too! I think the wreaths on the barn doors and above the mantle will look perfect! Maegan said...

uh! beautiful flowers, beautiful space! It's going to be ...BEAUTIFUL!

Erica said...

The flowers are just beautiful, Amy! You have done such a wonderful job with everything. It's going to be a gorgeous day.
And I'm so impressed with the arrangement to have the flowers donated! So many people don't think of a way to extend their bounty to others. Flowers truly brighten the day...Just having them around brings a smile to your face. I can only imagine how special those people are going to feel when your gorgeous arrangements arrive.

sharon norbash said...

I, too, am so impressed with the Hospice donation. What a cool and special thing.
Everything is really coming together, isn't it? It seems like it's going to be a beautiful day. Congratulations!

sera said...

They are gorgeous! I keep looking at all the spring stuff lately and wishing I could have ranunculas but I know that the dahlias will be gorgeous instead for my stuff too.