Tuesday, March 17, 2009

{ideas} latest obsession: make-up

a friend of the family is a professional make-up artist for celebrities in nashville...she's graciously agreed to do hair and make-up for the big day... i'm totally confident that she will do a fab. job. seriously. it's a little worrisome that she's never done my hair or make-up before, and probably won't get a chance to do a trial run before the wedding...so..i've been trying to find pictures of the look i'm going for and have been obsessed with trying to find the right one..

of course i want the "natural look" but i'd like my eyes to pop..and very little emphasis on the pout. i have olive skin with a purple undertone so pinks generally do look good on me. so i'm thinking a sheer pink on the lips..and dark eyeliner on the eyes..

but i also want that glowy-bronzy look..but without the glitter. why do they put glitter in everything? and i'm thinking a golden, pinky, brown on the lids..

sigh. i went "make-up" shopping last weekend, and i seriously could not pay people to sell me anything! it was the strangest experience...i want to try dior products, as i love and am going to get the diorshow mascara...but am waiting until the date gets closer, otherwise i know i will use it all up..but i've been a mac girl for years...i feel like i'd be cheating.

this make-up thing is really stressing me out. so is the hair...but that's another post..


lauren rose said...

Out of the 3 photos the middle one is purrfect! And I think that lip color is perfect too if you can duplicate that. I think if you go that direction instead of the bronze look-your eyes will really pop out against your beautiful white dress and colors in your bouquet. You don't want to blend in on that day:)

Erica said...

I agree with PP; I like the middle one. You want to make sure you have enough color, too, that it photographs well. If it's too subtle, it won't show up in pics well and you'll look washed out. But if your girl's a pro, she already knows all that good stuff. :)

AmyJean said...

I love that natural look, but i think you should try different looks and see how they fade throughout the day and what you like 2 hours after you apply the make up... in real light. Also, I know photos take in make up differently than the human eye does !

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Oooh these women are gorgeous! Did you see Shoes and Eyelashes on my blog?

I think the bride looks fantastic, but some say false eyelashes...? I just know I'm jealous!!!

Hope all is well!!

The Pissed Off Bride said...

Love that second picture. So pretty.

I do agree with playing up the eyes. That would completely make that look "pop".

Tara said...

Run and purchase the DiorShow Mascara, its wonderful...I have been using the same tube everday for about 3 monthes now and I still have plenty left! As much as I love the natural look I am going to say, go with something very different than everyday...do you wear a wedding dress everyday? Just something to think about! :)