Monday, March 16, 2009

{random} homemade fried ice cream

well. sort of. when the fh & i first started dating, i would whip up fantastic homemade meals (i still do!).. and even desserts. one evening was particularly fun as i told him we were having fried ice cream..later he confessed that he knew i was a keeper right then and there..although i wouldn't let him in the kitchen while i was making it, because it was a long-time family secret.

well, the secret is out my friends:

vanilla ice cream

1. crush up the cornflakes on a little plate (i just use my hand)
2. scoop up some ice cream into a bowl
3. drizzle the ice cream with honey
4. add corn flakes
5. sprinkle with cinnamon

i know it sounds crazy, but it seriously is one of our all time fav. desserts.



Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I love ordering this in restaurants!!! My husband would think I'm the coolest if I whipped these up! Thanks for the tip!
Hope all is well...

fullofboys said...

I can remember you making this at the office once but I could never remember how! So glad to boys are going to love this!