Thursday, April 16, 2009

{beauty} oh!

i got a note from the lovely miss chelsea yesterday saying that she will be working on the flower for my hair in the coming weeks...which got me thinking about how to wear the hair on the day...

i've imagined from day one that i will wear my hair in a low side bun sort of thing..but loose and romantic. but here's the thing..i loathe wearing my hair up. i have always been that girl who hides behind her hair..mostly because to nose is freaking ginormous and i don't want anyone to see it. it's a vain problem, i know..but i really can't help it. so what am i thinking? i want to feel beautiful..not self conscious...i thought that maybe at least if the bun thing was more on the right with the flower, when i stand at the "alter" with my one will notice my sniffer.


so here are some ideas for the low bun thingie:

of course these beautiful girls have cute little i've started to wonder if maybe i shouldn't wear my hair this:

what do you think?


AmyJean said...

Ohh, i love the low bun, but that last look is classic too!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

lovely hair do's :)

Holly & Helen's Hassack said...

love the second one & her make-up!

Erica said...

First, you have a beautiful nose and profile. You are silly girl. :)

Second, I like the buns. I personally like the buns.

But you should do what you feel most comfortable with. Wear whichever makes you feel beautiful. And you will be. You are wouldn't matter how you wore your hair. You'd look great.


One Love Photo said...

i love the bang and bun combo.