Friday, April 17, 2009

{random} one lovely weekend coming right up!

tomorrow is supposed to be 76 and sunny in the city. we can't wait! fh is taking the day off and first thing in the morning we have an appointment with her to do a little bit of this:

and then we are going to grab a bottle of wine, pack a picnic lunch and head out to the beach or a park to do a little of this...

...write our vows..together.


you can go puke now. :) hope your weekend is full of sunshine and romance!


LadyRed said...

I am two years married... I have good news for you: Married life rocks! There are more sighs and champagne picnics in your future! Live it up and let them puke.

SJN said...

I am 31 years married this May!
So sweet of you both to write your vows. Enjoy the beautiful day tomorrow!

Abbie said...

you can go puke now. :)

This is why I love you, Amy Lynn. But, it sounds so wonderful.