Saturday, January 2, 2010

{happy new year} to do list: twenty-ten

so, just like everyone else, i want to eat better, get fit, blah blah addition to those, here are my top 5 things i'd like to accomplish this year:

1. go on an exotic vacation. whether it's to hawaii, aruba, or some other far away land (bora bora in the picture below) i'm going! sure, i'd love to go to europe, but i'm feeling this is this year for some fab beach and cabana time.

{photo from here}

2. get my dollars in check. sure we have a savings account, and yes we pay our bills on time and credit cards in full..i'm talking cd's people. know...get serious about where my money is never know when that big rainy day will come...

3. learn something new. i like having this as an ongoing 'to-do'. i had this one last year and it feels so good to continue my education..whether it is sewing, understanding the chemistry in cooking, or canning. i'm looking forward to whatever it is i might get my hands into this year...

4. plant a vegetable garden. now that we have a backyard, i can grow tomatoes again, but this year i want to do carrots and other veggies as well. i'd also like to learn to can a few of them for use in the winter months.

5. reduce the stress and continue to be optimistic. so this was an issue that bubbled up this past year. i was completely stressed out the point of insomnia and hallucinations...until my boss told me one day, "it's not cancer." this statement rings in my ears every time a little bump in the road comes up. it has helped me get thru the silly little problems and focus on life's more important things...i hope i continue remembering that if i mess up, or if things don't work out exactly how we want, it isn't cancer. no one is going to die. (well, unless i am driving like a maniac or something like that..but you know what i mean)

so wish me luck! i hope your to-do list includes some fun stuff you've always wanted to do and i hope you have the energy and the health to accomplish them all. happy new year everyone!



Jupiter Family said...

Happy New Year !!!

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Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

oh boy! you know i have always loved your blog!!! where are you? i hope everyone, including you, in your life is well.

happy belated new year.

Ms. Code said...

Oh I wish I was there. That is a great picture, europe? over that? no way! Although there is a lot of history and shops to enjoy in europe!

Buy Kitchen Cabinets said...

Seems that you guys had fun...!!!