Thursday, December 31, 2009

{happy new year} to do list, past reviewed...

2009 has been such an amazing year for me. it definitely had it's crappy moments, but for the most part, it was fantastic! i got married to a brilliantly lovely man who has an equally brilliant lovely career is going well, my health, for the most part, was on the up and up and i accomplished many of the goals i set out about this time last year:

2009 to do list:
1. pay more attention to my posture. ok. so..i did, or at least i thought i did this very well, but looking back at some of my wedding photos, i think i must have forgotten this during all the excitement. aw well.

(ack! why didn't someone tell me to stand up straight?!!!)

2. eat more leafy greens & cut down the sugar. i did this very well ..until recently. my sugar intake is thru the roof and i plan to get it back in check just after midnight. ;)

(mmm. smores. these were amazing)

3. turn off the tv. yes! i think we did this very well..we've been on hikes and now that we have a big back yard, we tend to that every now and then and we even went on a hot air balloon ride!..although when we discovered the 1st season of lost on dvd..we were hooked for 3 months straight. it was awesome. but now we wait for the final season just like the rest of you lost fans out there...can't wait!

4. learn something new. while i didn't learn to sew (as i've been threatening to do so for some time), i did learn how to knit. i'm still in the process of making my first scarf and i like it!

(ok. so this was a little wide i found out and just tore it all out and started over. it's much skinnier now) :)

5. write more handwritten notes. ok. so, this was kind of cheating. i had to write a bajillion thank you notes after the wedding. :) but! i did also write a bajillion christmas cards too... i think that counts.

6. go for a walk..or run. which i totally did for a week straight. and then i hurt my knees and refuse to run on pavement ever again. the pain was ridiculous. back to the treadmill for this cookie.

i wonder what next year will have in store for me?


holly-lynn said...

ahh my posture is terrible too, i keep thinking i'm going to end up with a hump! instead of less tv, i'm going for less facebook :)

Jessie said...
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imarriedahungryswede said...

you're hilarious and darling at the same time. loved that i serendipitously stumbled upon your blog (through my gal pal heather's blog @ we met in a bar). adding you as a fave! hip hip! keep up the knitting. i sew and have yet to learn how to knit...maybe we should trade hands for a week? ha!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

could you look any prettier????

happy new year!