Thursday, October 2, 2008

{the ring} my bling post

reading heathers blog yesterday inspired me to finally post my bling. (isn't hers just lovely?!) she writes about how interesting it has been dealing with the different reactions you get while wearing a "non-traditional" ring. i fully understand what she is going through..i have actually had people argue that my ring is not an engagement ring...that it is a wedding band and had implied that we had already eloped. people are funny.

well, here it is..and i love it.

isn't it just divine?

this next image shows what it will look like after my wedding band (bottom) and my anniversary band (hint, hint to my honey) are added:

eek. a-maz-ing. stack your own rings at


Heather from the bar said...

That is gorgeous! Your e-ring is a lot like what I want for my wedding band! I don't think I will keep wearing my e-ring though, unless it looks ok together. maybe put it on a chain or something :) But the stacking idea... genius! It is almost like upgrading your ring every once in a while, without swapping it out! Plus, your man gets off easy for certain anniversaries... no wondering what you would want! Just add another ring on baby! haha

tiaraco said...

I have a very similar ring and I picked it for the same reason - stacking! A new band for the 5 year anniversary, a new band when the baby comes, a new band for the next baby, etc...

Love it! It is elegant and timeless and the great thing it is forever yours.