Wednesday, February 11, 2009

{ideas} savory confetti?

so remember when i was thinking of this for the confetti? well, i've totally changed my mind...since rosemary plays a significant role in our life (the herb, not the poor mother who gave birth to the devil), i've decided to include sprigs of it in our wedding flowers. then, today, i thought i should have a look at what the meaning of the herb is:

Legend abounds around this lovely perennial known as the "herb of remembrance." It is said that rosemary will grow particularly well in gardens tended by strong-willed women. Young brides traditionally carried a sprig of rosemary in their wreaths or wedding bouquets. The young couple may even have been brought together with the magic of a touch of rosemary, as in the refrain of an old ballad: "Young men and maids do ready stand/With sweet rosemary in their hands."

so strange.. when we first started dating, i would make dinner in my drafty little apartment in the attic of an old house. i would send my fh down to the garden, where i grew pineapple sage, thyme, jasmine, and.. that's right..rosemary, to bring up a few sprigs for whatever i was making. it reminds us of those days whenever we cook with it today and now it will remind us of our wedding day.

so returning to the confetti, i'm hoping to make about 150 cones out of the same paper i used for the envelope liners..

and hang them from each chair with twine...
to kind of look something like this (minus the orchids, of course)...

from here (of course)

and of course we will include the little meaning from above and a short line or two as to why it means so much to us...i just hope a leaf doesn't poke me in the eye!


Erica said...

I think that's an awesome idea! Perfect!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

great idea!

sera said...

I went to a friends wedding where we threw lavender - I think this is even better. More meaning, and honestly, I like the smell a little better. You might consider doing envelopes instead of cones unless you plan on having people throw whole sprigs rather than the tiny individual leaves. Cones of tiny leaves on the back of the chairs seems like it could get messy before they are supposed to throw them.