Thursday, February 12, 2009

{random} heading down south..

the fh & i decided to head back home to nashville for the long will be the first & last trip we'll be making before the big day (that is less than 4 months away!!). i wish i could say it will be nice and relaxing, but with the list of things to do, i doubt we'll have enough time to sip on a cold glass of sweet iced tea!

on the agenda:
  • visit the rental place and actually see the items i've put aside in person - and see if there is anything else we could add on to the already increasing bill
  • visit the ceremony & receptions site - take measurements and think about how we are going to set things up
  • meet with the officiant
  • meet with my awesome photographer
  • taste cake!
  • visit the flower shop
  • deliver bm dresses
i also can't forget to take with me:
  • bm dresses
  • cake topper
  • pictures of flowers
  • pictures of cake
and seriously, what's more romantic than planning your wedding day for valentines day?

i just hope i remember to breathe...


Abbie said...

Have an amazing time! After your comment on my post, I'm starting to stress a bit! :) I better get on some things.

holly p said...

good luck this weekend!

Southern Vintage said...

I'm getting married next May in Nashville at Belle Meade Plantation. Any vendors suggestions?

Southern Vintage said...

I'm getting married in Nashville next May at Belle Meade Plantation. I have over a year, but know most of what I want. Any vendor recommendations?

NotQuiteaBride said...

breathe! You'll have such a great time. So romantic and so much fun!

Erica said...

You have to make some time for some sweet tea and a good meat and three! At least a good ol' buttermilk biscuit or two.. LOL Hope you get everything done and all the appointments go smoothly. Hopefully the nice weather will hold out here for your visit.

jessica lynn said...

hope that your trip was a had a lot to accomplish!